Three young Haitian girls are standing together outdoors with blurred greenery in the background. The girl on the left has short, curly hair with a pink clip and is wearing a plaid dress. The girl in the middle, who is the tallest, has longer, curly hair and is wearing a red patterned dress. The girl on the right has her hair styled in small braids and is wearing a blue plaid dress; she is smiling and touching her hair with one hand. They all have a calm and serene expression, and the natural light highlights their faces.

MA Haitian-led groups call for end to deportations as terror grips island

Medical care, food and clean water remain in short supply throughout much of Haiti, where armed gangs now control most of the capital, Port-au-Prince. As residents flee, Massachusetts lawmakers and Haitian-led groups say the United States must pause all deportations to the island and crack down on the trafficking of American-made weapons fueling the violence.

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A group of nine people stands in a conference room with an American flag and the Massachusetts state flag behind them. They are posing for a photo, and most are smiling. The group includes individuals of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. Two people in the front row are holding signs that read, "Student hunger is REAL. We can END it. PASS HUNGER FREE CAMPUS" and "I SUPPORT HUNGER FREE CAMPUSES." The setting appears to be an official or formal environment, possibly a government building, indicated by the podium with a state seal. The room is decorated with a blue and floral patterned carpet and white paneling on the walls.

MA students urge lawmakers to fund campus anti-hunger efforts

Massachusetts is the eighth state to establish a K-12 universal meal program, but food insecurity doesn’t disappear with a high school diploma. As community college enrollment increases, student groups are asking state lawmakers to fund campus anti-hunger programs as they further public investment in higher education, to help ensure students make it to graduation.

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